Moscow Mule

What’s In the Kit

  • Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime

What You’ll Need

  • A Copper Cup, Glass or Drinking Vessel
  • Measuring Vessel – A shot glass, jigger, spoon, etc.
  • Something to Stir Your Drink With – A bar spoon or something similar
  • Knife or Peeler
  • Ice – Any shape and size will do

What You Do

Invented in the ’50s, combining vodka with ginger beer creating a taste sensation and a new category of cocktail style. While vodka is traditional and popular, a ‘Mule’ can now be  interpreted as any spirit base mixed with ginger beer.



  1. Add 1oz or 2oz of vodka and then fill the glass with ice.
  2. Add 3oz of ginger beer and then stir gently.
  3. Garnish with a lime wedge, wheel or zest.