Welcome to Gastown

We owe a couple rounds of whisky to the Founding Father of Gastown, Captain Jack Deighton. Also known as "Gassy Jack," he was a pilot turned saloonkeeper who loved to gas, & no, that doesn't mean what you might think it means. In Victorian times, the term meant to talk a lot & the Captain loved to do just that. Gastown has a distinct character that brings you back in time with its cobbled streets, exposed brick, famous Steam Clock & beautiful street lights. It's one of the many reasons we love being part of this iconic neighbourhood rich in history & landmarks. Some may even consider our patio a landmark.. or maybe that's just us.

As our Test Kitchen, this is where we get to have some fun, feeling out new flavours & creations that you can try out exclusively before anyone else.

GM: Brody Jones
AGM: Kyra Harley
Head Chef: Jon Carncross

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MON 12PM - 10PM

TUES 12PM - 10PM

WED 12PM - 10PM


FRI 12PM - 10PM

SAT 12PM - 10PM

SUN 12PM - 10PM